Monday, November 23, 2009

Anyone heard from Sofia @ Shenzen Dingoo-Digital lately?

Well, Teamdingoo did, a week or two back (and I’m green with envy … no one seems to care about l’il ol’d Dingoo-Scene:()):

Dear Teamdingoo Staffs,

I hope all of you in the best spirit and healthy there.

Please allow me to introduce myself firstly. This is Sofia from Dingoo Digital Company in Shenzhen, China. I am working in this company for more than half a year as an exporting department manager. We are the manufacturer of Dingoo A320 handheld game player.

I write to you in the popupose to thank you with a grateful heart for all your support all the time. Please give my regards to all of your team members, tell them how we feel lucky to have all of your's kindly support,we apprecaite that so much. All of you did a good work and contribution to make Dingoo A320 to be a better console, so that the end-users benefited a lot. What a amazing team you are!

For us, we will do our best to keep improving the console, we want it to be a well-know small retro game player worldwide. It will be more than great if you can accompany us go to a longer road.

By the way, the user Jenny and kswildside(dingoo-digital-usa) on your froum are both our resellers indeed, please trust them. They are all my good partners, they always bulid a bridge from your froum and us. Thank them as well.

Thank you again and hope you enjoy a brighter day there.

P.S: So sorry for my bad English :)

Your's sincerely,



  1. Dingoo Digital rocks and certainly throws out more 'love' than some domestic companies. I wish them continued success as a company going forward. Dare I say I have brand loyalty for a Chinese manufacturer? Hell yes. Loyalty earned.

  2. Anon,

    They haven't shared the most important workings of the OS to encourage development on the "open" handheld and have recently made manufacturing changes that caused problems with some well known emulators which required fixing by the community.

    "The company is happpy that the product is selling so well, we're glad it's popular, thank you for making it better for us and you, please by more stuff from the company that sells our product."

    I'm amazed and a little confused that your loyalty would be won by such a generic statement by a company representative.

  3. It's all relative. As compared to how locked down an iPhone or Nintendo DS is, the Dingoo rocks. If there are part numbers they need to change to keep costs down, fine.

  4. Quote - "For us, we will do our best to keep improving the console"

    Don't hold your breath. The only improvement has been Firmware 1.2 which took six months to come out since 1.1.

    How about releasing the source code for the native emulators supplied with the Dingoo?

    If Dingoo Digital can't be bothered to update/improve them, then at least allow the Community to....

  5. "If there are part numbers they need to change to keep costs down, fine."

    I wonder if unpawed Dingoo owners feel the same way?

  6. The crash with some homebrew emu were caused by bugs in these programs, not by the hardware changes.

  7. exotic, tell her to send some pics of her next time too ;)

    And yeah, tell her to stop fiddling with red stuff on the dingoo mainboard. Bring back the old one with the paw !

    I don't understand why you have to screw with the hardware (First the lcd-screen now the 2x2gb instead of 1x4gb) just to make the thing cheaper...this is not the right way.

  8. A bug in the programs that didn't emerge until a hardware revision made it apparent.

    Yeah, Okay, I guess that's one way to spin it.

  9. Well go ask the authors of these emus, they'll tell you where the pb come from and we'll see who's the spinner.

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  11. Bugs there may have been, but they wouldn't have been seen if a hardware revision hadn't been made first.

    No spin here, just an observation of the course of events as they happened.

    1) New "pawless" Dingoos appear in customers hands.

    2) Problems found with emus on these models.

    3) Emus fixed.

    Hey if I'm off base here I'll accept correction.

  12. It's simple really:
    you blame the hardware for some software bug (reread your first post).

  13. Yes time and events move backwards in Anon's world.

    Good luck with that.

  14. Care to clarify ?

  15. Not especially.

    However, let me just re-iterate my original point, which was that DingooDigital is really nobody's friend here, despite the nice words from their company representative.

  16. That was not the point discussed.