GooPlayer updated for native firmware

GooPlayer is a music player for the Dingoo, which covers up for formats the built-in player doesn't play.
Just put your music files in the same folder as or in subfolders.

*** Changelog ***
* Support for XM, MOD and S3M files
* Fix crash which sometimes occured on files with non-english filenames (you still cannot play them though)
* Fix crash on non-pawed dingoos
* Added seeking, hold DPAD left/right to seek (only for OGG)
* Added folder support (multiple levels)
* Files are now sorted by filename
* Ability to skip splash screen with the A button
* If a song cannot be loaded, an error message will be displayed

Note about XM, MOD and S3M:
I can't show time for these files (I would have to calculate this myself), so instead I show another number for how far in the song you are.
Also, a few songs may repeat endlessly.
For this release, thanks goes out to alekmaul, for his port of modplay that I'm using.

Download (Both Dingoo A320 and Gemei X760+)



  1. I didn't think that was a priority, since the standard music player already handles mp3.

    Maybe in a future release, I don't know.

  2. um ya
    but its kinda awkward to switch between players if u wanna listen to a album that is encoded differently :)

  3. That's gratitude for ya.

    Give 'em what they couldn't do before and they just find another reason to bitch.

  4. XM/MOD/S3M Support IS THE GREATEST FEATURE EVER. Works like a charm, only one "bug":
    when you load a XM/S3M/MOD song which is >500-600Kb and you switch to another song in another directory, the player freezes. The program doesn't freeze if the other song is in the same directory btw.

    Maybe IT support in a future release ? Thanks for the great work

  5. I have been looking at mikmod / mikit, but I don't have time for that right now.
    Strange bug, I'll write it down to the todo list.


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