Monday, November 23, 2009

“Hello world” threatens to win DD Coding Contest

Here in the lucky land of Australia, we’re fond of revelling in the phenomena of Doing a Bradbury

Which is to say, we’re extremely good at doing well, simply by showing up.

If you’re into coding for the Native firmware, go here:

It’s your chance to do a Bradbury. 

And c’mon people, no entries is just plain lazy.

Really (Tsk tsk, says the one who still thinks line numbers are used).


  1. Great video. I hadn't seen it or heard of it before, so it was a fun surprise.

  2. Steven Bradbury is an Australian LEGEND!

  3. Hardly a surprise considering the "prizes" of this contest and its rules. He's basically asking you to put a lot of effort in a new game/app in a very short time frame with obligatory free support for prizes hardly worth anything.

  4. Links to the software to use and guides on how to code in the language would be helpful to post on this link... I am a programmer but I can't program without knowing how the language works!


  5. @guest2424: