Monday, November 2, 2009

SuperTux for Dingoo

Here is a new game:


After many hours spent breaking my head for this game, we finally have my first release of SuperTux for Dingux.  Grin

SuperTux is a free game and free. It is a clone of Super Mario Bros. .. This game platform stages Tux, the Linux mascot. The game is played on ice or in ice caves. Mario mushrooms are replaced by penguin eggs, lives in small additional penguins and end with the arrival in an igloo.

I am based on the GP2X version, a huge thank you to scache to sources, he had quite a change anyway ...
And thank you for �Mathnerd314 # supertux for assistance with the controls of the game Wink


-Unzip the archive and place the file in your Supertux Dingoo.
-Run. / Supertux


At the start of the game, press X or START to start a game.

DPAD Right = Right
DPAD Left = Left
DPAD Top = Top
DPAD Down = Down
X = Jump
Pull = A
SELECT = Pause

Some minor delays sometimes.

See the Readme for more information.

Grab it here: SuperTux Dingux v0.1

Read more here:

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