Monday, November 9, 2009

Dmenu 0.5 for Dingux

A new version of Dmenu is out:

Dmenu 0.5 release.

Dmenu project team released dmenu ver0.5  Cheesy
Most works was done by timothy.soehnlin.
Thank you Tim for your hard work !
- Fixed a lot of SegFault bugs
- Change the mechanism that the next application is called
- Rename dmenu binaly to "dmenu.bin"
- Added a dmenu start up script named "dmenu"
- Added "SelectorDir" setting for menuitem and submenuitem
- Added new key binds in filelist ( L key - page up / R key - page down )
- Added "built in Wallpaper Selector with thumbnails"
- Added "built in Color Selector"
- Added ColorBar graphics for "built in Color Selector"
- Moved and Renamed the dmenu resource folder "/usr/local/home/.dmenu" to  "/usr/local/dmenu/resources"
- Moved "dmenu.ini" from "/usr/local/dmenu/resouces/" to "/usr/local/dmenu/"
- Moved Background/ VolDisp/ BrightDisp setting from each "theme.cfg" to "dmenu.ini"
- Merged "main.cfg and fontcolor.ini" to "dmenu.ini"
- Remove the fontcolor setting scripts and folder
- Remove fontcolor.ini
Download here :

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