Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dingoo Mega Pack 1.0

Do you have complete control over all what’s released for the Dingoo (native firmware)? If so, you may ignore this. If not, here comes Dingoo Mega Pack to the rescue.

First Dingoo Mega Pack is now released. This is a pack of games and emulators for native firmware.
You'll have to get the bios image required for LynGOO (lynx) yourself, since it's not legal for me to provide it in this package. See LynGOO.txt for more info.
*** Instructions ***
Just unzip directly to your dingoo's internal memory.
Readme files for games and apps are placed in A:\TXT\README so that they are easily accessible with the ebook reader.
If you run check_problems.bat it will tell you if there are any problems, such as missing bios images or conflicting emulators.
*** List of games/apps ***
* ColeCOO 3.1 (Colecovision)
* DOOENGINE 0.9c (PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)
* GNUBOY (Gameboy / Gameboy Color)
* LynGOO 1.2 (note, requires lynxboot.img) (Lynx)
* O2EM 1.0 (Odyssey2 / Videopac+)
* SmsGGOO 3.1 (Sega Master System / Game Gear)
* Formula1
* Hell Striker II (aka World Road)
* Landlord
* ManicMiner 1.1
* Mushroom Roulette 1.1
* Nosebreaker
* Platinum Sudoku
* PoPo Bash
* Rubido
* SameGoo 1.1
* Spoout 2.0
* XRickOO 1.0
* Yi-chi King Fighter
* Overclock apps
* GooPlayer 1.1
* StopWatch 1.0
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  1. Hey, where's the complete chinese version of 7 Days Salvation? It's available for free on the official chinese Dingoo site (

    Fully playable (I've just finished it with rank B) if you set the system language to Chinese.

  2. The inclusion of the update megadrive emulator would also be nice!

  3. This pack is in first hand targeted to people who speak english. There are a few chinese only games in it, where the language doesn't matter that much.
    Is 7 Days in Chinese really playable for someone who only speaks English? I mean, there has to be at least some kind of story going on :P

    @Anonymous: I'll take that into consideration for the next version. The updated emulator causes problems with other emulators on firmware 1.03, but since there is firmware 1.20 (and a custom version of it) it might be a good idea to include it.