Ole ole ole ole … Fifa 2000 on PSX4All

Fans of Fifa or PES will appreciate videos like this one:


  1. hehe, owners will appreciate in Brazil, we always associated with soccer.

  2. that runs pretty crappy, especially when compared to the PSX original FIFA 2000 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wJLWck2izI

  3. "ruffnutts" well it is a dingoo after all - what you expect?

  4. "ruffnutts"
    Plus the second part of the video is a replay,
    Love the way people comment but stay Anonymous

  5. I think it's quite playable. Indeed the replays are slow, but the actual gameplay is alright.

    People should not forget that perfect emulation is almost impossible, so just be happy with what the dingoo can do instead of what it can't.

  6. "ruffnutts"

    Thank you - thats what I say :-)

  7. bad framerate is bad

  8. I've played N64 roms at lower frame rates quite happily on PSP so for me this is good GO DINGOOO


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