How to install Dingux (Linux on a Dingoo A320) using a Mac

A very helpful comment in this post by the prolific "Anonymous" [thank you!] is worth lifting up, for the benefit of anyone struggling with getting Dingux going using a Mac:

FOR MAC OS X 10.4 10.5 and 10.6

1. download latest dual_boot_installer from dingux google code page

2. find downloaded file (downloads folder from os x 10.5 and up), double click to expand this compressed .zip archive. decompressed folder will be created next to it, named dual_boot_installer_20090916 or similar.

3. move dual_boot_installer_20090916 folder to desktop

4. check which LCD type your dingoo has by going to its 'about' menu in system setup. go to the about menu and press A. it will give you information on your remaining diskspace. now press up, right, down, up, right, down. this will present a further diagnostic menu. note which of 'ILI9325' or 'ILI9331' is mentioned (write it down for later)

5. put dingoo into usb mode by holding 'B' while pressing reset button with paperclip. LCD will remain dark. plug dingoo into your mac with the usb cable.

6. open up a terminal window (applications>utilities>terminal)

7. use the "cd" (change directory) command to change the directory from the current (usually 'user/home') to the directory that dual_boot_installer_20090916 was placed in (i.e. the desktop) by typing:

cd /Users/*your username here*/Desktop/dual_boot_installer_20090916/

(no *'s, and folder name adjusted as appropriate to that downloaded)

8. now the usbtool in the folder downloaded must be told to run two tasks. now that the terminal is looking in the right folder, do this by typing the following commands and pressing enter after each - you can copy and paste from here. (text should scroll after each command)

./usbtool-osx 1 hwinit.bin 0x80000000
./usbtool-osx 1 zImage_dual_boot_installer_ ILI9325 0x80600000

(adjust each for correct LCD type, earlier instruction: replace ILI9325 by ILI9331 if you have the later LCD type)

9. dingoo screen should now power on again and state that its going to run the dual boot installer. do as it says, pressing start to accept the licence agreement etc. the only options other than ok that will be presented are when you are asked "Which SPL to flash"; The first option is to install dual boot, and the second option is to uninstall the dual boot and dingux to just leave the original firmware, had you already installed them. choose option number 1. the installer will scroll text indicating its working, and then dingoo will reboot (into the original firmware).

10. remove the usb cable, and press the reset button while holding select. this will present you with a hanging Dingux screen, indicating that the dual boot install was successful.

11. now follow instructions from elsewhere to install dingux, thats someone else's problem!


  1. Thanks a bunch! This worked out just fine on my black dingoo which just arrived (ordered from dealextreme).

  2. I've tried this a few times and the screen just stays black. It's an un-pawed Dingoo with LCD screen ILI9331.

  3. Im having the same problem and i have the same exact device.

  4. I posted on Dec 13th after having problems installing this using a mac. I've since installed it using a Windows XP machine and it was simple.

  5. Hey, I had the issue of a black screen after i flashed as well. the "Udisk immunity" was turned on in system settings. This is to prevent certain changes from happening.

    I turned this off, did it again and it worked fine.

  6. I have the black Dingoo without branding as well and tried it several times. I also turned of "Udisk" but the screen stays black. The first command seems to work. The second one returns the instructions to the command. Can any one help?

  7. [INFO] File size: 3256320 bytes
    [INFO] Searching for device...
    [INFO] Found device, uploading application.
    [INFO] SET_DATA_ADDRESS to 0x80600000... Done!
    [INFO] Sending data... Done!
    [INFO] Verifying data...
    [WARN] Sent data isn't the same as received data...
    [INFO] Booting device [STAGE1]... Done!

    Where could be my mistake?

  8. I can´t believe it. After I have tried on my brothers PC, my VirtualBox and a few times on my IMac I lost my nerves and posted the upper message... and then it just works: [INFO] Verifying data... Done!
    Everything to nuke with the duke, hehe..

  9. Oh yes, Kernel panic.

  10. Followed all of the instructions, including turning Udisk immunity off... still no luck, black screen, doesn't reset

  11. Me too, these instructions don't appear to be correct.

  12. This was puzzling me as I was getting a black screen too. The thread at helped - instead of holding B and RESET, you need to hold B and POWER OFF.

  13. If you got this error message:
    [WARN] Sent data isn't the same as received data...
    maybe you forgot to delete LCD's indicative on file name:
    sbtool-win 1 zImage_dual_boot_installer_ILI9325 0x80600000 --> WRONG
    sbtool-win 1 zImage_dual_boot_installer 0x80600000 --> OK

  14. i go to system settings, then i click a at about this device and when i try to do the combination nothing happens HELP??


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