Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harteex working on Chipworld for Native OS

Anticipation is 9/10s of all gratification:

ChipWorld is a clone of the Windows version of Chip's Challenge for Dingoo A320.
More information is coming at a later time.
Here's a screenshot (Work in progress, some of the graphics are not final)

No binaries yet, but check out Harteex’s site for more news from time to time here:


  1. Is this a custom-made clone or is it a port of Tile World? Googling Chip World turns no results even when searched with Chip's Challenge, and yet the interface and tileset looks very, very different. It's very peculiar. I'm still pretty excited regardless, hope it's a port of Tile World so I can have the Lynx ruleset.

  2. Then I'm sorry to make disappointed :P This is a completely new implementation focusing on the Windows ruleset.
    If you want to play with the lynx ruleset you could always play ChipAdvance in the GBA emulator.

  3. in the lynx emulator the chips challenge is the best,thanks a lot for this clone

  4. Interesting timing, another page had the news one day earlier and I can't spot any credits for that. Could just everyone give credits where due?

  5. @Anonymous - Every 3rd post here is from Dingoonity, people. Like you didn't know!