How to open your Dingoo

Inevitably, you will find yourself consumed by an overwhelming desire to see what’s inside the Dingoo.  Whether to change the battery, to work out what makes it tick, or just because it’s there, I’ve saved you the trouble!

Opening Dingoo, is dead easy, compared with say, cracking the shell on an Xbox 360.  No special tools are required – just a set of mini screwdrivers at a minimum.

First, prise off those 4 lovely rubber feet to reveal the screws underneath:


Unscrew the screws.  Then gently prise Dingoo apart (you can see where the internal clips are in the picture below).


Voila! Be sure not to lose the power switch, which might fall off when he case is opened!


The battery will appear to be secured to the board somehow. It is actually stuck on to a sticky pad.  Use a flat spatula, screwdriver or tweezers and slide underneath the battery from right to left, gently lifting the battery off.  Careful, don’t go hard, or you might pull components off the board.


Use your hands to finish the job:


Here we go, with the battery off the sticky pad:


Here’s a closer look at the battery, which is 3.7v, 1700 mAh:


With the battery and sticky pad off, have a good hard look at the chipset. Right Click here and save for the full 6 Megapixel Picture.



To access the screen, remove the 4 screws holding the mainboard down:


Flip the board to reveal the screen.  Be careful of dust!:


Close up of screen:


And last, the buttons and controller pads:


Now take a deep breath, and gently do everything in reverse to put it back together. 

(Interestingly, there was no baby in there!)

Hopefully someone can look at these pictures, say AHA!, and go on to write MAME for Dingoo!:)


  1. I'm going to mod my Dingoo with some PSP speakers. I just don't care too much for the Dingoo's Speakers, or thei position. Hopefully the PSP speakers will make a huge difference >=]

    I'll let you know how it goes when I get the speakers !

    1. mate its been 11 years...

      have you put them on already?

  2. Good luck with the mod, and if you can, please share the pictures!

  3. It seems to have an Ingenic MIPS CPU and two Samsung and one Elpida memory modules... I have no idea what the other two chips are though.
    Anything coded in C++ (and not in x86 assembly) should be ported easily.
    Prepare to play everything on this little puppy.

  4. Why is the battery 3.7v and 1700mAh while the wall charger reads 5v and 700mA?

    1. A higher potential is needed for the battery to charge.

  5. can anny-one find out if you can sodder an extra antenna in there cus the fm is quite poor

  6. Well, I suppose that depends where you are, doesn't it?

  7. the wall charger just supplies the standard 5V USB delivers, because the USB charging thing needs it to work with that, anyway. It's probably converted to battery voltage with a switching regulator somewhere inside.

  8. anyone feeling a replacement retro Dpad and buttons?! i wish i had this thing looks amazing

  9. Hi, are there any possibility to separate the frontal transparent "acrylic" part from the black plastic that fits into it, without damaging any of them? I tried, but both seem to be glued.

  10. not that i can see i have a replacement case and it doesn't seem to come off

  11. thanks very much! i used this guide to disconnect the speakers in my dingoo cause i like using the headphone port on the bottom... but i don't like the noise still coming out of the speakers when i plug in there.

  12. The LCD screen is soldered on or you can replace it wihout soldering??

  13. Thank you for this detailed guide! I had to open mine up, because a live bug had gotten into my Dingoo, and was crawling around underneath the screen guard.


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