Monday, March 16, 2009

What those included Interesting Games REALLY are

The Dingoo comes with some free games titled, very helpfully, 1001.jgc, 1002,jgc … and so on.

They live in the “GBA” folder of “Interesting Game”, which is somewhat of an understatement. It turns out that a few of these games are made by “Jungletac”, which may explain the “jgc” filenames. I assume they are GBA compatible.

They aren’t complete rubbish, either. Some are pretty playable clones of popular classics or well known games. You might not keep ‘em if you’re down to your last meg or two, but they’re pretty playable in their own right.

Here is a list of their filenames, titles and a brief description.





1001.jgc Tiger Rescue A pretty tough from the top shoot ‘em up, reminiscent of Raiden. My pick for the best of the bunch. DSCF4493
1002.jgc Hero Legend Clone of Don Doko Don. DSCF4469
1003.jgc Jewel Fever 2 Clone of Columns, only it features a pirate doing it in reverse. That may not have come out right. DSCF4470
1004.jgc Pinball Fish Clone of Arkanoid DSCF4473
1005.jgc Fire Fighter You control some men with a trampoline, bouncing a fire fighter up and down to save people from a burning building. I swear it’s a clone of something.  I’d say Game and Watch “Fire”, but somehow this game seems more … colourful … :) DSCF4477
1006.jgc Pop Ball Clone of Pang! DSCF4478
1007.jgc Super Move Quest Clone of Jewel Quest. DSCF4479
1008.jgc Squirrel Bobble Clone of Puyo Pop Fever (Goddamn, these esoterically named poppin’ games and my failing memory!) Bust a Move/Puzzle Bobble DSCF4480
1009.jgc Bump Bomb I’ve never seen anything like this. You control two or more bugs which spin on their axis simultaneously but at different rates. Pressing A makes them walk, with the aim apparently being to get them to collide. Frighteningly engrossing. DSCF4481
1010.jgc Hide and Seek What would happen if Shaun the Sheep was a hustler? This is a variation of the old “which cup has the marble” game, only the idea is to pick the haystack with the sheep in it, after the haystacks are shuffled. Rather good. DSCF4483
1011.jgc Jewel Master Clone of Columns DSCF4484
1012.jgc Manic Troll You play a character who looks like Dora the Explorer and control an extending claw to retrieve coins from underground. DSCF4485
1013.jgc Rolling Cube Clone of Bloxors. A puzzle game in which you must guide a rectangular stone block along a grid to the exit on each level, viewed in isometric 3d. Challenging and fun. DSCF4486
1014.jgc Rapid Stream Pretty hard game in which you control a submarine to recover stuff along a level filled with obstacles. DSCF4487
1015.jgc Bubble Blaster Clone of Magnetica DSCF4488
1016.jgc Hot Drop You control a bubble gum blowing sprite which has to be guided to collect pink balls peppered among the clouds. DSCF4489

Click here to download an archive containing all the above games, but renamed to include each title in full.


  1. Only one that I would be "interested" in is bubble blast. Also, is it possible to change that menu item from Interesting Games?

  2. Hero Legend isn't a clone of SSB (really, now); it's a clone of a Japanese platform game called Don Doko Don.

    Most of these games are included on the VG Pocket Caplet.

  3. Thanks anonymous. Correction made.

  4. Fire Fighter : Are you being sarcastic? It's a clone of Nintendo's Game & Watch Fire

    Rolling Cube : This is a clone of the popular flash game "Bloxors"

  5. Thanks Anonymous ... corrections made.

  6. hey gadgetmiser...first your blog is cool
    second...the games arent on my dingoo dont know why...would you mind to upload them somewhere since they are not avaible on the dingoo site too..not all of them...thx oxoc

  7. ok not readed the part about where they live :)
    problem solved ...thx :)))

  8. Clone of Puyo Pop Fever? its a clone of bust-a-move/puzzle bobble.


  9. Thanks, anonymous. The ol' memory cells aren't quite what they used to be.

  10. I know there has to be somewhere to find other JGC roms >=\

    There are a couple hundred or so games available... I have the VG Capsule and Caplet and the other one that looks like a miniature PSP. I wish I could find and put all those roms on my Dingoo.

    If anybody has info... PLEASE post ! lol

  11. fire fighter is actually a clone of the famicom game "flying hero". which is itself, i suppose, inspired by the game and watch, but firefighter is almost a direct copy of that game, just with updated graphics.

    btw: i have the caplet also, it seems that the games on that are running at a higher resolution and probably altogether different hardware. the JGC roms on the dingoo appear to be GBA ports of those games, since they run in the GBA emulator, although theyre not 100% standard GBA ROMs since they have the "exit" option in the pause menu.

    1. Thank you! I was looking for the "real" name of the game! I miss playing it even now that I'm an adult!

  12. Hey thanks for this list!

    It allowed me to rename these titles on my A320.

  13. Oh I don't wanna say anything but Jewel Fever 2 is not a clone of Columns but of Magical Drop, it has just the same gameplay that Magical Drop has and not some kind of reverse Columns :)
    But I think it's far too easy.

  14. The link is dead :(

  15. "I assume they are GBA compatible."

    Your assumption is incorrect. I have been unable to get JGC roms to run on any other GBA emulator. Even changing the extension to .gba doesn't work, some emulators report a "wrong BIOS" error, but I've been unable to to find a GBA BIOS that also plays JSC roms. I'd guess the dingoo's gba.sim has a little "something extra" that lets it also play JGC games.