Sega Master System/MSX/Gameboy/Gameboy Colour/Spectrum/PCEngine/Neo Geo Pocket/Sierra/Coleco Vision and Extra NES emulators for Dingoo – well, kinda sorta

While we’re waiting for the Dingoo to emulate a PSP (as kinda hinted in the Dingoo interview, question 1 :)), not to mention the N64 and Amiga:() (down boy!) Hellsing1 over at the DX forums has identified a workaround to increase the number of systems which the Dingoo can "emulate". Basically, this involves running emulators originally written to run on the GBA on the GBA emulator of the Dingoo. The mind shudders to think of what massive frame rates this might achieve – but apparently, it works well for some systems, particularly the Gameboy/Gameboy colour.

On the surface, the GBA is able to emulate a surprising range of old systems! This is the link to get the emulators:

If you just want all 18 emulators from the above page, click here to download all of them, in a single RAR archive. You’ll get in the archive a number of NES emulators which you absolutely don’t need your Dingoo GBA emulator to run.


  1. Hey,

    I know I may be chiming in late on this topic, but why have I heard nothing about this? This is kinda huge for the native OS. I know dual boot is already in the near future for us, but as far as Dingoo capability, this opens up a huge piece of history on these things.

    My question is how do I get these things working. I am already familiar with Goomba, and I assume these would work the same, but I am having a hard time injecting bios and the like.

    Would you know of anyone that would like to write up a quick how to for some of these converters, such as for the MSX or Spectrum roms?

    If there's intrest, I could write up the ones I can figure out. Some of the readme files are a little vauge so I could emphasise.


  2. Watch my vid on neo geo rom conversion for the dingoo on youtube under the profile 505mcasias.


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