Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tips: How to load ROMS from MiniSD

The Dingoo user interface looks great, but has a few ... interesting approaches to user experience.

The emulators, in particular (of course, this is not the MAIN reason anyone buys a
Dingoo - it's CLEARLY the E-book feature which gets us hot and sweaty:)) are launched in a peculiar way.

In fact, launch is not really the right word - there is no menu item which says "Start SNES Emulator", for example, or "Start NEO-Geo Emulator". Instead, you just go straight to wherever your ROMS are, and the relevant emulator self-launches when a compatible rom is selected.

So, that's the general idea.

A. This is how to launch ROMS from the internal memory:

Go to Game center -> Interesting Game ->

Select the folder where your ROMS are (eg: GBA) ->

Launch ROM!
But where are the 8Gigs of yum yum ROM goodness you put on your Kingston mini-SD?!!

B. This is how to launch ROMS from a Mini-SD Card:

Go to Game center -> Interesting Game ->

Press LEFT when on this screen ->

Then press LEFT again while on this screen ->
Then select Mini-SD from this screen ->

Select ROM Folder on Mini-SD ->

Then select and launch ROM!

Not the most intuitive thing in the world!


  1. Help! I just got a Dingoo as a gift today, but when I transfer game files from a DVD into the internal memory, my Dingoo can't find any of the games!

    I can see there are new folders, but when I go into them, they are empty??

  2. You may need to make sure that your rom extensions are correct are they?:

    NES = .NES
    GBA = .GBA
    Megadrive = .SMD
    SNES = .SMC
    CPS1 = ZIP (Standard mame file)
    CPS2 = .CP2 (MAME roms put through the CPS2 rom convertor)
    NeoGeo = .MVS (Mame roms put through the NeoGeo MVS Convertor)

  3. where can i find games for the dingoo and how do i go about installing them onto a sd card?

    links/guide appreciated


    is a good place to see roms that u can get

    if u cant download it from there, search the rom on google

  5. If you want to be more specific, look up, "nes roms" or, "sega roms" or anything like that.

  6. my extensions are .gba and .gb and .gbc but i cannot find them in the console