Saturday, March 21, 2009

While waiting for MAME: Dingoo running Mr Do!

One of the reasons I hanker for MAME in every system is that I want to play Mr Do!

Sure, you can probably get Neo Mr Do! to work via the Neo Geo emulator on the Dingoo, but nothing works like the pure gameplay of the original, and the best – all 175K of it! Fortunately, even without MAME, someone to whom we are all grateful worked out how to emulate the arcade ROM on the GBA. Here it is running on the Dingoo!:

Nothing beats the pure satisfaction of taking out 4 monsters in one hit AND completing the EXTRA life bonus with a single ball. Click here for the link to your own arcade emulated Dingoo Mr Do!


  1. Black Tiger also works quite well.

    You can get it from

  2. Hi there anonymous, I can't get this to launch. Is the problem with my Dingoo? Thanks

  3. Extract file and put it in the folder with your GBA roms.

  4. Hey got it to go! Thanks muchly! I also love this game; it's a true classic.