Friday, March 13, 2009

Exclusive Dingoo Digital Interview

Dingoo-Scene recently put some questions to Jim, a spokesperson from Dingoo Digital. The following are the questions and answers received:

Dear Larry

Thanks for your email.

1. Will more emulators will be made for Dingoo(for example, C64, MAME, PCEngine?)

For A320 , will not make more emulators.
For other new product , maybe we could provide more emulators , such as psp emulator .

2. Will the existing emulators continue to be improved? (for example, the SNES emulator, for example, is a disappointment to some

Yes. will be continued to be improved.

3. Will new firmware be made? What is the planned release cycle? Will this provide new features?

Yes, new firmware will be made, to make the system more stable. I don't think so it will provide new features.

4. How big is your research and development team, working on the Dingoo A320 firmware, emulators and software?

15 for firmware, emulators , 40 for 3D games.

5. Are you working to fix the virus and trojan problems with the English dingoo888 website?


6. Where is the best place to obtain the software development kit for fans to make their own software?

Pls visit: , could DL kit to develop 2D and 3D games by fans for A320 , but the website is chinese.


I must admit to being disappointed with the thought that new emulators appear unlikely. On the other hand, it is excellent to hear that the emulators and firmware will continue to receive ongoing support, and that Dingoo has a substantial R&D team working on this product. Thank you also to Jim for clearing up exactly where the SDK may be found, and for all his time!

Any thoughts or comments on the above?


  1. I think that these answers are fair.
    The dingo is a nice peace of hardware but the limits to emulate games for this device are with the emulators wich it supports.
    So improvement of these emulators is the best they can do!

    I think C64 and MAME emulators are or will become available trought the community since dingoo uses the same OS as most emulator devices.

    I'm glad to hear they will make new products and that they are even thinking about a PSP emulator, let's not forget that this is their first device!

    The only think i would like to know is:
    Will Dingoo make any accessories for the A320?

    I think this would make a nice addition.

  2. You're a bit over-optimistic. : /

  3. I can't find a link to the sdk for 3D