Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today only, Dingoo-Scene simulation of Craiglist

StriderMTK, Vampire Mike, one of this site’s longest serving readers (as in “serving time”, I suspect:))  needs cash fast and has the following collectibles for lovers of fine, video gaming devices everywhere:

Anybody interested in an original GOLDEN AXE tiger LCD game, SQUISH Nintendo Game n' Watch, or a full boxed, unused Tiger Game.com console (remember that?!  HA!) Let me know.

Drop him a line here; he’ll receive!

Cheer Strider Vampire Mike!


  1. Hi Strider! Think there's been a mix up here.
    Larry mentioned a competion, it that you too?

    He's got us mixed up bless him,
    I'm Mike T aka Vampire Mike (he should know this by now!) Oh well, He's a very busy blogger!

  2. He sure is!
    No problemo here, I just want the right parties to be associated with this.

  3. Whoa, not only am I a busy blogger (and a lazy one too, who doesn't check the comments as often as he should!) just realised the booboo! Anyhoo Vampire Mike, and Strider, sincere aplogs for the stuff up.

    I'll leave this here for posterity, so all can see my sin!