Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dingoo hacked by Stephanie – 64 mb ram!

Dingoo A320 modded to the EXTREEEEM (A320 with 64MB)

Our resident wonder hacker Stephanie continues to astound all of us with her technical wizardry. After creating an SPL so that Dingux on the Dingoo A330 can fully utilise its given 64MB of ram, she has now gone and physically modified the Dingoo A320 to give it 64MB of ram, and allowing it to use the 64MB-capable Dingux.

This isn't an easy mod to carry out, but if you're interested she has posted the full guide over on her blog -

You can discuss this amazing mod in the discussion topic -

And give Stephanie lots of Kudos for the great job

And thanx to Dingoonity for the news!

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  1. This is a great mod Stephanie! I was just thinking about doing the same thing. I would recommend using chipquick low melt solder though, instead of pulling up each leg seperately. There is less chance of pulling up pads/traces and it will save a lot of time and frustration. It is available from MCM electronics for $16.50, part #21-3450. Just glob it on both sides and you can remove the whole chip, moving the iron from one side to the other and gently lifting the chip with tweezers.

  2. Stephanie, great job well done. I've done similar RAM mod on my XBOX. I started it, but never finished it due to very little time. So many consoles, so many games = very little I too agree w/ Derk. I recommend Chipquick solder. Happy modding.

    RxM , HHM