Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Put that old Amiga monitor to use

This is good to know:

Dingoo on CM8833-II Monitor! (my old Amiga CRT)

    Just connected my Dingoo to my old Amiga monitor via composite connection...and BOY!!! what a difference.
The picture quality is far superior than when connecting to a TV via SCART. Games look almost as good as orginal arcade versions now.
I now have screen sizing control and a much brigher output than before.
Also video playback (PSP fromat works best for me on my Dingoo) seems to de-block and come out much sharper.
I hope someone gets Dinxus to O/P on screen some time...that would just be the icing on the cack.
Just seen that TV output is now working on DINGUX???


  1. lol, i have 3 various amiga monitors. They rock for old stuff.

    got one in the bathroom with the dinggo tv thingy hooked up. =)

  2. what is the specific name / code number of your Amiga monitor ?

  3. mmmmmm... I love "Cack"