Friday, June 11, 2010

!Reader for Dingux

!Reader for Dingux

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I've just ported to dingux the GP32 and GP2X !Reader e-reader, supporting txt, rtf, html, chm and pdf (text).
It's a fast port but it seems to work, please report bugs :-)
Inside the zip you have a Readme with instructions.
Thanks to hardyx for the gp2x port ;-)
Download here:


  1. Awesome, I was waiting for an HTML reader for about two days now.. and here it is!

  2. hmmm.. turns out it is a text based HTML reader.. not a browser. Does anyone know where I can get a browser for Dingux?

  3. what fonts reader use?
    it's possible change font to support other encodings like cyrillic?