Saturday, June 12, 2010

BubsyMod Dingux

BubsyMOD-dingux Updated
June 11, 2010


- MUCH faster textout routine (ascii-sorted bitmap now, no need to iterate through an ascii table)
- No surface locking/unlocking (not needed in Dingux SDL, saved A LOT of cycles! Yes it really did, test yourself.)
- Faster "Amiga period to hertz increase" calculation
- Proper "change volume" routine
- Other optimizations and small fixes

Now you can play modules with no skips even when underclocking to 200MHz... :-)
Well, there's a little skip in face_another_day.mod in 200MHz, but that's because it use an extremely slow tempo some places.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: 8bitbubsy

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