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My Letcool has arrived. Heres a pic of it next to my (now dead) dingoo.

First impressions of the unit itself are good. The letcool is light but feels very sturdy and well built.  The larger size means it fits better in the hands with my fingers resting comfortably on the shoulder triggers. The shoulder triggers are clicky like the dingoos but the start/select and volume buttons are not. The main face buttons are very nice with a similar feel to the A320, they are a bit bigger though. The dpad looks bigger but a quick check with the ruler reveals it to be the same size. It feels a bit stiffer than the A320s but it could be just newer.
The mini control pads feel very nice with a very solid d-pad that is deeply concaved in the middle holding the thunb very nicely.The face buttons are quite clicky and the shoulder buttons are soft rubber not hard plastic.
All in all I'm very happy with the build of the unit itself. Will go now and test it and will update my findings later.

O.k. the small amount of charge it came with has run out. Have put it on charge so I'll post about it a bit more.

The wall charging unit it comes with is exactly the same as the dingoo. Like the dingoo it can not be off while charging automatically coming on when plugged in. I did notice that unlike the Dingoo the battery is removable and easily replaceable.
Unfortunatly the system is a mixed bag from my tests so far. Some of you may have read on other forums that when playing on the system controls(no mini pads) that the shoulder buttons do NOT act as L or R, unfortunatley I can confirm this is true. They operate as volume up and down with no button mapping available. Therefore for GBA the shoulder buttons are mapped to X and Y and for Snes there are NO shoulder buttons on the system.When pugging in the mini pads this is corrected for Snes but NOT for Gba with the buttons still being mapped to X and Y.And you would think with X bieng on the right side it would be mapped as R. It is NOT. Y is mapped to R.
The screen on the unit is nice but there are NO options to change brightness. The level you are stuck on is not as bright as the Dingoo screen set to 3. I think the screen does not look as sharp as the Dingoos probably the same res stretched over a larger size.My unit also has 1 stuck pixel in the top right corner.
For the Emus themselves, of what I've tested so far:
NES - Very nice as you would expect detected a little slowdown in some games that the Dingoo does not have.
GB - Again very nice SMB Deluxe doesn't work like on Dingoo Native but others I tested ran  perfectly.
GBA - A big step down from dingoo. Games are very choppy and with the button mapping issue. Not Good.
Snes - NOT playable without mini pads. Game performance is hit and miss. Less sound issues than Dingoo native but feels slower.
MD - A definate step up from Dingoo native, games ran much smoother and with less sound issues.
Initial findings are that two player MD is this units early strength. With any luck a firmware upgrade can fix some of the other issues. The manual gives instructions on how to do firmware upgrades so hopefully one will be released soon.
Not tested T.V. out yet, or movie playback. Will soon. The operating system is very similar in function to Dingoo as you can see in new pic.

Discuss more here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/other-game-systems/letcool-gamestation/ or here http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/53463-letcool-n350jp/page__st__30__p__861562&#entry861562


  1. DINGOO A320 is a little better than Letcool N350np, but after weighing the plus and negatives of both, i think the Letcool is better for more people. 2player, removable battery, larger screen, and camera- also upgrade to 32gb micro sd. I didnt like how you load games onto it, i had to load via sd as opposed to loading it directly like the dingoo. the GBA and SNES are bad and laggy, but i usually only use it for NES and quick games/2 player. Since i have a MAC my dingoo constantly freezes up. Letcool i had no problems with connection. I think eventually the letcool will get better emulation for gba/snes, once that happens i won't be playing my Dingoo as much. I use both, each has its own strengths.

  2. I have also had problems with SNES games such as Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man X being very jerky, and Super Mario RPG being unplayable.

    If you're not playing a side-scrolling type of game it seems to perform much better. For example Lagoon and the Final Fantasies play games great as well.

    All in all it's better than nothing, but they really should be using a better processor- That is where the bottleneck is. USB 1.1 isn't much fun to transfer files through either. :)


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