Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And while you’re at it … can anyone help Marie?

I received this recently as well … can anyone help>

I'm a rather rabid gamer and web developer who doesnt know linux/unix but somehow I've managed the following with my new a320:
1. i have dualboot installed
2. i have dingux installed
I'm trying to use psx4all and i have to say i don’t know what I'm doing or why i can't get any of my games to run!. I feel like a helpless retard and I'm hoping someone as skilled/versed in this technology as you are [Larry rolls over in stitches, falls off desk, hits head and becomes vegetable], can maybe help me understand what I'm doing wrong.
I've pulled several different versions of wildarms2 and its my understanding that it CAN play on a psx, iphone and an a320.
So far I've encountered the following errors on my .bin file(s)
1. segmentation error
2. the file attempts to load and kicks me back to the main menu
Ive read and read  (a lot at your blogger was very helpful)  and Ive tried the following solutions:
1. put scph1001.bin in the same folder as my roms
2. tried to boot with and without bios (failed  - kicked to menu or seg error)
3. tried a failed attempt to convert my bin to a cbn. (I dragged the cbin.macosx into the terminal, entered a 5 for midgrade compression, then dragged my .bin file so that it pathed into the terminal) and nothing happens when I hit enter...
I hope you can find it in your heart to help me out and at least point me towards a document that can possibly get me in the right direction at least.
Have a nice memorial day weekend (I will be trying NOT to destroy my a320 ha ha)
-mk (animatix) marie kropf

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  1. LMAO!!! I had no idea you POSTED this!!! -- Thanks for helping me try to get some answers. :)

    (if you've gone turnip what am i??? ha ha) -- and you ARE infinitely more versed in all this than i am. :) :) :)

    Im new to linux AND dingoo by ONE week. Im amazed ive gotten this far and not blown up the device! (and not without EVERYONES help might i add) So a huge thank you to the entire community too!!

    I have thus far managed to:

    1. Unauth.cn red-screen-o-death -brick my dingoo but I did recover it!!! Hooray for recov kits! AND hwinit 2. That doesnt come up enough and it should.

    2. Got dingux back on it this time w/local 0.35 (so much nicer to deal with as it lets you add items w/out modding a .cfg!!!)

    3. Flashed pof firmware successfully AND still have dingux running ontop of that :)

    Things i have yet to try today (on my list for tonite's session)

    1. Have 15bios pack, will try to place and run WA2 again from the new local pack *girly kisses to the devs on that one!*

    2. Has anyone heard if a patch was released for the following?
    - Wild Arms 1
    - C64 (vice or frododingoo) multi disc support? *you know, insert side B of disk and hit spacebar* -- Vice garbles and Frodo reboots automatically on 2nd disk inputted. argh.

    Anyhoo again a huge thanks to Larry and the other devs who made this all possible. You guys are my heroes. :)