Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alsp releases beta version of Atari 800 emulator for native firmware

From Alsp on the Dingoonity forums:


Please find result of my hard weekend work Smiley - Beta version of Atari800 emulator for Official Firmware.
It is port of latest version of Atari800 emulator (v2.1.0)

Just extract archive to some folder in internal memory and start '' via "3D game".
After it press "L" -> choose Run Atari Program -> Choose any Atari Image to run

Whats new:

- Initial port of original version
Keys in emulator:
up,down,left,right, A - joystik
start - start
select - select
Y - option
B - return
X - space
L - emulator menu
R - reserved for keyboard
Power - soft reset

- danzeff on screen keyboard support
- possible bugs fixing ;-)

Known bugs:
- working only from internal drive

If you will detect some bugs - please report here..."


  1. Emu also work on SD card, but sometimes joy not work (zybex), how can I incrase/decrase volume?

  2. Only games with .com seem to work everything else crashes the atari.Also he needs to add the fix for unpawed dingoos.

  3. Awesome! More development for the native firmware is always welcome.

  4. Go take a look at the original Dingoonity posting: there have been a couple of minor updates already!

  5. agreed that native development of emus is great. can someone do a youtube vid of this ? What is it like ?

  6. this is awesome - does it work on the A330?