Monday, February 22, 2010

Sdd1 now supported on SNES9X …

… or something like that:

Snes9x 1.3.9ff ver20100221 for Dingux updated again!
February 21, 2010

SiENcE has released a new version of the SNES9x that now supports SDD1


I added full SDD1 support. So you don't need graphicpack anymore ;-).
Author/Porter: SiENcE

For those a little less in the know on SNES hardware, a quick google tells me that:

The sdd-1 and spc7110 were custom chips built onto some later snes carts that acted as decompressors for certain gfx data on these carts. both chips had little or no documentation and no-one up till now could figure out the compression algorithm for the sdd-1.
So: runs better, goes faster, uses less gas and with no carbon emissions!


  1. It's for playing Star Ocean and Super Street Fighter 2 without additional GraphicsPack.

    So you don't need my first snes9x release anymore.

  2. Finally someone is working on this emu. Thanks

  3. Sorry for the moronic question, but will Mario Kart work with this??? Just hoping...

    Thanks for all the work being done for the Dingoo! You guys rock!

  4. "Sorry for the moronic question, but will Mario Kart work with this?"

    Yes; of course.
    Super Mario Kart uses the DSP-1 chip
    and support for that has been available in SNES 9X for a very long time. It simply doesn't work correctly with the default SNES emulator that comes with the Dingoo.

  5. Now, all we need SA-1 chips support next and SMRPG will be on the Dingux!

  6. Just took Mario Kart for a spin and it worked beautifully! I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I can play Starfox and Super Mario RPG as well. Thanks again to all the developers out there who are making this possible!

    Anonymous Moron from above.

  7. I still get 5 to 6 frames per second on Dingux for Super Mario Kart, even with this version. It plays great up until you start a race, then it drops to 5 and 6 frames per second.

    I put snes9x ver20100221 on there and it says ver2010018 when i press Select+B did you just forget to update the number in the emulator or is there a link problem or what?

  8. Jep. In ver20100221 i forgot the new versin number.

    Also this release is only a Testrelease!!!

    It has some issues with Jurassic Park, Demon's Crest aso. The issue is now fixed.

    I'm working on the Font problems of Secret of Mana & Seiken 3 and ZIP support.

    Then i do a full release.

  9. @SiENcE: I think that you should win an award if you can get Seiken 3 to work! Thanks for all of your hard work-

  10. SiENcE, thanks for the Snes updates. Hoping that more translated JRPG titles with an in-game text problems can be fixed.

    If you manage to fix the SoM2/SD3's font problems, is that mean the other translated game text such as Dark Law is getting fixed indirectly?

    When playing with a translated game like SoM2/SD3, an example text of "Continue" will turn into "Cniu" or games such as Dark Law & Treasure of the Rudras will just show the first half of the font characters on the overall text (I think it takes 2 bytes to represent as a one complete font character). It seems like the game omitted every second byte character in 16-bit format (just another wild guess).

    And if you have some time to spare, can you take a look at Air Strike Patrol @ Desert Fighter. The game is playable but only with the half left screen though. Can you fix that too?

  11. (i posted about the 5-6 FPS in mario kart, I just wanted to add, that i HIGHLY appreciate your work!)

  12. "no-one up till now could figure out the compression algorithm for the sdd-1."

    You're saying this in 2010? Are you insane? ZSNES has had sdd-1 support for years (another quick google says since 2004 ;)

  13. A quote from 2003, actually, via Everything2:

    "Thanks to a team led by Andreas Naive and also containing The Dumper and Neviksti, the SDD-1 compression and decompression algorithm has been cracked. This means that code has been released which can be incorporated into any emulator to allow Star Ocean and Street Fighter Alpha 2 to be played with no graphics packs. I'll leave the instructions here all the same, because not only did I spend ages writing this, it should be known that for people with slow computers, it is highly recommended to keep using graphics packs, because it is quite a processor intensive algorithm used to decode the data on the fly. This means that even when SDD-1 code gets incorporated (I hear that Matthew Kendora of Snes9x has it pretty much done, and just wants to tweak it before releasing, and that the newest Zsnes WIP has support) a decent number of people won't want to use it.

    It should also be made clear that this is SDD-1 code only. SPC7110 games (FeoeZ, Momotaro dentetsu Happy, and a few others which don't yet have widely available packs) will still need packs, and will do for the forseeable future, as SDD-1 took a hell of a long time to crack. This means that people may be reluctant to work on this other chip."