Thursday, February 11, 2010

GPSP Updated

gpsp for Dingux
February 11, 2010

GPSP has been updated!

Note: You will need the GBA bios for this emu.
Information about the bios needed can be found here:


a lot of changes and finally dynarec works!

special thanks
gpSP developers
gpSP zaurus porter

important note for developers:
dingoo A320 doesn't have MIPS32R2 instructions like EXT,INS,ROTR,ROTRV.
those instruction used in dynamic recompiler(dynarec) and a part of mips assembler.
what I did in the porting is replacement instrucion to macro.
Author/Porter: BouKiCHi
Source Code:
Author Website:


  1. does it run as smooth as the original firmware gba emulator?
    my dingoo suddenly stopped working :( so i can't test it by myself. [battery issues. NEVER let the battery run completely dry :(]

  2. Oh goodness, thank you so much. It's working beautifully!