Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Christmas, I wrote you a FAQ; the very next day, you gave me a Wii …

reelclerk collated/wrote a Dingoo FAQ on Christmas eve last year which deserves (slightly) more prominence if you’re beginner on this device.  It’s equally useful if you’ve had the device for months but never ventured beyond the e-book reader:

Dingoo A320 FAQ - Got these from all over the place, I am sure people will let the post know if there is a correction.

Q. How easy is it to load games onto the Dingoo A320?
A. Very easy - just drag and drop the files onto the Dingoo using the USB disk interface. Works like an external HD.
Q. Do the games have to be placed in specific directories to work?
A. No, games can be placed anywhere, although it is a good idea to arrange them according to the machine they run under, for example GBA, MVS, CPS1, CPS2, etc.
Q. How does the Dingoo A320 know which emulator to use to play a game?
A. Each emulator has a file type mapped to it. When a game is selected, the console checks the file type, then starts the appropriate emulator automatically.
Q. Is there another way to use headphones apart from the headphone jack on the right, near the power switch?
A. Yes - the AV-out jack on the bottom of the machine can act as a second headphone jack. The jack on the right-hand side is for when the Dingoo is being used as an MP3 player or video player. Note that when using the AV-out jack for headphones, the built-in speakers must be switched off manually, using the 'Speaker off' option in the settings menu.
Q. What are the file types for the different types of emulation?
A.The following table shows the different filetypes and the associated emulators:
System-File type
Q. Does the MegaDrive emulator work with '.bin' files?
A. No, only '.smd' files are supported. Use a converter to turn your BIN files into SMD files. [EDIT: A user says that renaming .bin to .smd worked for them.]
Q. Can I use Zipped ROMs on the Dingoo A320?
A. No, all ROMs must be unzipped, with the exception of CPS1 ROMs, which can be played while still compressed in Zip files.
Q. Does the Dingoo A320 have region coding?
A. No. Games from any region can be played on the A320.
Q. I have a 50Hz TV - can I play 60Hz (NTSC) games?
A. Yes - the Dingoo supports both 50Hz and 60Hz output through the AV-out port. This can be set up from the Dingoo A320's TV menu. 60Hz games can still be played, even if the TV-out is set to output at 50Hz, and vice versa.
Q. What resolution is the Dingoo A320's screen? How does this compare to other games consoles?
A. Dingoo A320 has a 320 x 240 resolution (Quarter VGA). This is to allow emulated GBA, MegaDrive, NEO GEO and NES games to run fullscreen without the need for scaling. Most SNES games will also run with minimal or no scaling, as the progressive-scan resolution of a SNES has the same number of vertical pixels as the Dingoo A320.
Dingoo A320-320 x 240
MegaDrive-320 x 240
NEO GEO-320 x 224
SNES-512 x 239
NES-256 x 240
GBA-240 × 160
Nintendo DS-256 x 192
Q.How many save states can I have per emulated game?
A.The Dingoo A320's emulators support up to 10 save states per game, with thumbnail pictures.
Q. Is it possible to lock the buttons to prevent accidental input, for example when using the Dingoo A320 as a music player?
A. Yes - slide the power button down (toward the bottom). This will prevent any of the buttons from responding to input. Slide it back to the centre to unlock.
Q. How long does the battery last?
A. Approximately 8-10 hours, depending on the type of game being played.
Q. Does the Dingoo A320 come with a warranty?
A. Yes. A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer, starting from the date of purchase. Email support is also provided by Dingoo UK.
Q. What is a MVS file, and how can I create them?
A. MVS files are used by the Dingoo A320 to store NEO GEO ROMs. They can be created using the MVS converter.
Q. What are CP2 files, and how can I create them?
A. CP2 files are used by the Dingoo A320 to store CAPCOM CPS2 arcade ROMs. They can be created using the CPS2 converter. Note that CPS1 ROMs do not need to be converted, and should be copied to the Dingoo A320 in Zip files.
Q. In the NEO GEO and CPS1/CPS2 emulators, how do I insert a coin?
A. Enter the emulator menu by pressing the POWER button, then select the 'Coin' menu option. You can also press the SELECT button.
Q. Can the SNES emulator run SuperFX games?
A. No - games which use additional chips such as a DSP or SuperFX chip will not work.
Q. Can the buttons be remapped?
A. Yes - the built-in emulators support mapping of emulated console controls onto the Dingoo's A/B/X/Y/L/R/SELECT/START buttons. The mapping setup also provides an autofire feature, and allows shortcuts to be defined for saving state and controlling the volume without having to go into the menu.
Q. Does the Dingoo A320 charge when it is connected to a PC and operating in USB disk mode?
A. Yes - the A320 will charge while it is being used as a USB disk. The Dingoo A320 will only display the USB icon, but it is in fact charging.
Q. Can the Dingoo be used to play games while it is in USB disk mode?
A. No. It is possible to play game while the Dingoo is connected to a PC, but only after the USB disk mode has been disabled by disconnecting the device via the 'Safely Remove Hardware' menu.
Q. Can the Dingoo A320 play games while it is charging from the mains?
A. Yes. Press the B button while the battery charge animation is being displayed on the screen. This will take you back to the menu, where you can start up the game or emulator you want to use. Notice that the battery level icon in the top-right of the menu indicates that the battery is charging.
Q. What is the current firmware version?
A. The current firmware version is 1.1. The previous firmware versions were 1.0 and 1.03.
Q. What are the current emulator versions?
A. The current official Dingoo emulators are all version 1.0.
Q. Will there be updates to the firmware in future?
A. Yes. Official firmware updates are released on occasion to fix issues and improve existing features. Unofficial firmware is also available form the Dingoo community.
Q. Will there be updates to the emulators in future?
A. Yes. Official and unofficial updates to the emulators will be released, as well as alternative emulation software.
Q. Is there any relationship between the firmware version and the emulator version?
A. No, the firmware and emulators can be upgraded independently. Upgrading the firmware does not change the emulators.
Q. What does 'Blight time' mean in the settings menu?
A. It's short for 'Backlight time'.

Props to reelclerk.


  1. > Q. What is the current firmware version?
    > A. The current firmware version is 1.1

    My new dingoo has firmware v.1.2 by default.

  2. Hiya gadget

    Can you explain what the Cubic 4.3 console is on dealextreme. Not a contender for a dingoo but worth a look I guess

  3. This FAQ is from and was written by Phil, who did our tech support.

    It wasn't written for DX, nor do DX have our permission to use it.