Friday, February 12, 2010

Another win for Amiga fans!

The Dingoo’s one and only Amiga emulator has been improved!

UAE4ALL for dingux Preview 2
February 11, 2010

Chui has released UAE4ALL(an Amiga emulator) preview 2 for Dingux!


I recommend to use the original A500 kickstart 1.3, md5sum: 192d6d950d0ed3df8040b788502831c2

It is needed people for testing all games of web game list and send me the results by email. PLEASE, TRY WITH THIS NEW PRE-RELEASE

Now works games that uses group-0 exceptions like 'Shadow of the beast' and I have unloaded sound core.

Author/Porter: Chui

As always, thanks for Dingoonity for this and the rest of the news, Barack Obama for steering us out of the GFC, mummy and daddy, Mr Eastwood for directing so well, and the Wiensteins, for always, always believing!


  1. shadow of the beast

  2. is there any sound emulated in this baby?