Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oldplay for Dingux

Oldplay for Dingux:

OldPlay for Dingux
February 5th, 2010


This is a port of a great music app for the gp2x.

Currently i have ported the following plugins:

- Modplug
- AdPlug
- Sidplay (based on sidplay1)
- Mad
- game_music_emu
- vorbis
- Timidity

And i have replaced the old pokecubed plugin with a
new one based on vgmstream, currently only suports
adx but i will test other stream types later (I can get
some help with these).

Almost every internal feature is supported:

- Playlist
- Zip support
- Themes
- CPU scaling
- Keymapping
- etc

OldPlay for Dingux
Author/Porter: the_gama

1 comment :

  1. Well done.
    I hope Uade emulation will be ported.
    It was running so well on my little GP2X at 200mhz.