Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Atari 800 v2.1.0

Alsp has a new release:

atari800 v2.1.0 with original interface
February 9, 2010

alsp has released an Atari 800 emulator for us!



Please find latest atari800 emulator with sources ported to dingux
I have used original atari800 sources with SDL interface and make small changes to it.
Keys in emulator:

    * up,down,left,right, B - joystik
    * start - start
    * select - select
    * A - option
    * L - emulator menu
    * R - reset (Y+L - cold reset)
    * X - space

.dge file included to the archive, atari800.dmenu - dmenue section for emulator
PS: any atari image file as command line paramenter working fine...

Update (9 Feb 2010):

    * danzeff OSC added (R Key)
    * PAL palette little bit changed (black and grays)
    * Keys remapped:
          o up,down,left,right, B - joystik
          o start - start
          o select - select
          o Y - option
          o L - emulator menu
          o R - OSC
          o X - space
          o A - return

Please report about possible bugs here...
Author/Porter: alsp

Thx to Dingoonity!

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