Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dingux-Int – Intellivision emulator

A new intellivision emulator:

Dingux-Int: Intellivision Emulator
February 11, 2010

ZX81 has released a Intellivision emulator for dingux!


Hi All,

Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame system written by Joe Zbiciak running on many systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS.
See official jzintv site for further informations.

Here is a port on Dingoo runing Dingux of the version 20051204 that i had previously ported to Gp2X, Wiz and PSP.

How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.
Author/Porter: ZX81

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  1. Looks like a decent Intelli emu!
    Why cant i load other roms?