Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cax updates ScummVM!

The hardworking Cax, inspired by, um, greatness, has improved ScummVM for us all:

13/02/2010 - ScummVM On Dingoo As It Was Meant To Be (my mod of ChaoticBob's Dingux port of ScummVM):
I wanted to play Larry on ScummVM, but it had no virtual keyboard.
As I discovered later, in fact it has 2 keyboards built-in, but requires adding a file and a code modification to use them.
In addition I enabled all engines ScummVM supports, added missing files, upgraded to 1.0.0 sources, and stripped the binary.
Here is a binary package of ScummVM 1.0.0 for Dingux:
Zip file contains directory named "scummvm". Extract the zip into local/emulators folder.
Read the README file for the full info about this mod.
The modified source code can be downloaded here:
Spasiba, Cax!


  1. The link is dead :(...hope its been fixed to play cruise for a corpse xD - Evilronald

  2. yeah, i got someone to upload it for me, for some reason the link here gives me a 404 error xD - evilronald