Saturday, April 21, 2012

md0 releases new Android 2.3.7 Yinlips TDPG18 Firmware

a10mod v2 - android 2.3.7 for YDPG18 A10

Given the recent disappointment with the latest official firmware I thought it would be nice to give you an alternative.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on porting android 2.3.7 to the YDPG18 (A10).
I'm now glad to report that the job is done, and we have a (fully) working firmware!

From what I can tell everything works, but I may have missed a couple of things :)

Here are the highlights of this firmware:

- android 2.3.7 (full AOSP build)
- *PARTIAL* sound lag fix; has nothing to do with the yinlips fix, as I used the old kernel version - may not be as good
- performance enhancements: Antutu 2.7.3 reports 7-8% improvements in 3D performance and database IO
- completely clean system; no software besides the bare necessities and no proprietary google apps
- no ethernet or gsm support, as these were useless features
- same model id as the original firmware - keeps google play from registering a new device
- fully working keys ;-)

Keep in mind that this has not been extensively tested and as such anything and everything may break. Upgrading works but backup your apps beforehand, as the update will remove all google software from the system/app folder.

Grab the file here and enjoy!


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