Sunday, April 1, 2012

Linux booted on Gamebox GBX 1001!

Remember this promising but never quite hacked device, the Gamebox?:

Well, nice to see some clever Spanish devs having their wicked way with it, and making progress on booting linux on it after all this time:

Hi all again:
Thanks for the feedback, the truth, I'm like a cloud. And calm that I was not gone to his head. Many of the forum and know me in person, and you can label me a "crazy" or "ugly" but not "cool" or "presumed". I am very humble to these things, therefore I feel overwhelmed with what I was coming.
But what we, the first video from the GB booting Linux:

As you see in the beginning, do a "sweep" by the disaster desktop I have. In the large laptop, I make compilations of U-BOOT-NAND on CYGWIN, responsible for the initial start (come on, the BIOS so we understand). Then see the Tablet-PC, where I KERNEL compilations, in a Linux "Real" Ubuntu. This is necessary in Linux for real, because if not, I lose CygWin symbolic links. Then I happened to start the drive, which is connected by RS232 to COM1 of the PC desktop (the pantallón 24 ") where I have Hyperterminal open the" whole "life.
If you look, after a while to load, there comes a time when the fan GameBox is turned on, is when you "turn on" the speed 336mhz (I think).
In the end, step by typing a command, an LS, some CDs, and little else. You can see how they work in vice, and bunting.
And by the way, you can see in my channel of the "I-I" videos emulator Williams Star-Rider I'm doing in Basic Pure and hard
Here a photo of the invention:

As for the "release info", I have to write the "bible verse" of how long is the process. Also, if I let go all at once, all the info, and cojen "wrong hands "Who knows what might happen, others bearing flowers or even money, if any, but remember, if the Dingoo and Dingux, Ignacio Garcia, his name resonates and is accompanied on the Dingoo each sale. If I have no care as I say things, as I just anonymous and one with the flowers.
Furthermore, it is still very green. First, get out on TV, to get an emulator and see it work.
Of course, that it wants to play, I pass the compiled version 0.00000001 Alpha and I see it "in situ"
Edit: Flopping, I can not forget about the Jupiter, except that my processor is still a Z80, monkey task, and not enough for both. Let's see if I look at it later or tomorrow latest.

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