Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New JXD S5100 and S5110 Android Consoles

Thanks to bl@ck m@ge for the news:

Known specs:

- Amlogic M3 (ARM Cortex A9 CPU, ARM Mali-400MP, 512MB DDR3)
- Android 2.3
- 4GB internal storage
- 5" 800*480 LCD with multi-touch
- cameras: 0.3M (front) и 2M (back) for S5100 and one 0.3M (front) for S5110
- Wi-Fi, G-sensor

I saw both on some Italian webshop, but the price of 159 euros (~208 bucks) for each one is quite high even for a nice 3DS rip-off with obsolete d-pad imho

JXD S5100

JXD S5110


  1. WANT!!! So awesome!!!

  2. Dude! So pretty! I KNEW I should've waited before ordering the Yinlips YDPG16. >_< Do these have shoulder buttons?!

  3. The VITA clone has shoulder buttons, not sure about the DS clone.

  4. S5110 official page on JXD =>

  5. That d-pad on the first one looks awesome to me. I much prefer a single plastic cross to 4 indidual buttons for a d-pad. I hope Willgoo gets these soon...

  6. This firmware corrects a problem with shoulder buttons?

  7. What is the different between the JXD S5100 and JXD S5110.