Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Custom Firmware for YDPG18 (A10 Updated version)

Props to md0!


Hello again,
Given that in the past few days I've looked into my market problem (as explained in an earlier post) and doing so required a lot of reflashing, I've decided to make a custom firmware that saves me the trouble of performing certain tweaks after every reset.
I share this mod in the hope that it may be useful to some of you.
It only works on the upgraded (A10) YDPG18s!
Here's what's different from the current official firmware SKE602:
- all stock emulators and libraries removed
- google mobile fix (the browser would not connect to google mobile more than once - may not be a general problem)
- lcd density changed to 200 dpi (the icons and buttons were too small IMHO)
- mobile networks configuration support (for connecting 3g dongles - not tested)
- gesture locking
- various performance tweaks
Please use this at your own risk and backup your data before flashing, as the update process may have unexpected results. I usually flash with formatting just to make sure everything is clean.
You may download the image here and flash it in the usual manner using Livesuit.

mirror 1
mirror 2


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  1. New Yinlips g18 is coming soon this time with multi-touch;). The news is on Yinlips site from date 2012.04.09.