Monday, April 23, 2012

SnaKemaN - Yinlips YDP-G18 v2 (CPU A10 + Android 2.3.4) Custom Firmware released


[Rom] SnaKemaN - Yinlips YDP-G18 v2 (CPU A10 + Android 2.3.4)

Hello world,

For some time I received my new Yinlips YDP G18 but I really was not satisfied with the system, so I began to glean information to refine my console.

Well here, I am humbly pleased to present the ROM Snakeman for Yinlips V2.
For YINLIPS YDPG18 2nd generation (with Core A10) only

Thank to:


Here what differ from official current software (SKE602):
All chinese emulators and librairies removed
Google mobile fix (the browser would not connect to google mobile more than once - may not be a general problem)
Mobile networks configuration support (for connecting 3g dongles - not tested)
Gesture locking
various performance tweaks
Pre-installed Google Framework (+ gmap, gmail, current ...)
Google Play
VTL Launcher preinstalled
Perfect Keyboard Free preinstalled


(With help of ICS theme for ADW Launcher, compatible with VTL Launcher)

13/04/2012 v0.1 (beta)

How to install ?
Retrieve the ROM file here  
Then use LiveSuite to install.

Example: http://yinlips-ydpg18-forum.2315615....5p4467103.html

One proposed by Yinlips (

What should be done at first boot ?
Select the default action, the choice of configuration or tutorial hours.
(Note: To pass an android tutorial, press the corners starting from the lower left corner and in the direction of clockwise)
The first arrival on the home, choose whether to use VTL Launcher or Launcher base. (Do not forget to mark as the default action)
To select and configure Perfect Keyboard Free launch the dedicated application in the application launcher.
For configuring VTL Launcher there are so many parameters that I let you choose: P

If you have any comments or suggestions, please
Enjoy !


  1. Links dont work.

  2. Hello, I bought a G18 v2, and to my surprise still problems with the buttons pressing simultaneously
    How can I solve this... Thanks...