Thursday, April 12, 2012

JXD launches V5200 multiplayer Android console

From the friendly folk at, comes news of the JXD V5200, new from those prolific console making maniacs at JXD:

JXD v5200- The first Android retro handheld supporting two players gaming via WIFI direct! No more WIFI modem but with the internal WIF direct technology. The WIFI connecting is similar to Dingoo A380. Thus, you can buy JXD V5200 Bundles and invite your friends to play retro emulator games together.

At a glance:
WiFi Direct
All around simulator
7 seconds wake up from deep sleeping status( usually 30 seconds for others
Mirror HD: Mirror any V5200s' screen to HDTV through HDMI connection.
Storage: 4GB
Chip: GP33002A (ARM Cortex A8 1GMHz CPU、POWERVR SGX531 GPU),256MB DDR2
Operate System: Support Google Android OS 2.3.4
Touch System: Two-Point Resistive Touch
Screen: 5.0-inch(diagonal) Touch Screen
Resolution: 800-by-480-pixel

Performance should be decent, with an A8 Cortex behind the scenes, but the best feature has got to be the price: a parsimonious $88.99 including delivery. You can get one here from if you like.


  1. will this run the emulators from A320?

  2. To know if this is really an arm cortex a8, n64oid should run in this device, and there is mention at all in the list of emulators, so I think this is an old mtk6573 cpu with armv6 instructions, so no FPSE no n64.

  3. Seems like you only need the software to make this work, not buy an entirely new set of consoles.