Saturday, April 28, 2012

Skelton posts new JXD s601 Custom Rom – Skelrom v 1.0

Great work from Skelton! Original post here:

[ROM] Skelrom JXD v1 for S601

Hi, I have spent time cooking a custom ROM for S601 and here I present the result.

Skelrom v1 for JXD S601 Key Features:
- 1 GHz CPU speed
- Rooteada completely.
- Market fitted as standard.
- Launcher by default removed and Go Launcher changed EX - build.prop modified (type XperiaPlay)
- keylayout modified (type XperiaPlay button configuration) - Removed duplicate libraries.
- Emus and apps installed in data / apps (can be upgraded and / or deleted)
- Emus included in installed: Nesoid, Gensoid, Gearoid, Snes 9x EX, SNesoid, Arcade Tiger ....
- and installed Apps Included: Chainfire 3d, Battery Indicator, Is File Explorer, Rom ToolBox, Youtube.
- Changed the bootanimation by other Zelda.
- Tweaks in the build.prop to improve performance and enhance the use of ram.
- The ROM automatically wipe it all, so if you have data that you want to save it before installing the ROM.

- Unzip the entire contents of a zip the root of the SD card. (The extras folder is optional.)
- Start the console in recovery mode (Power + Menu and wait to do all the process automatically.)
- Failure to do so automatically (strange) chosen from the recovery menu, with the d- selected pad apply: sdcard and choose the file. Once finished reboot system now choose to reboot the console.

CONSIDERATIONS: I have not included any applications or emulators payment, only free versions. I will never include payment applications for legal issues, I hope you understand I have included a folder that includes the following extras: - build.prop "original" and the original key setting (copy in system / usr / keylayout within the console if you want to use it) - Kernels to low speed (if you want to lower the speed or not convince you to 1 GHz. In the folder are the installation instructions. - Application for NTSC televisions TVOUT than multistandard (only install if you have problem with the standard) - SetCPU profile. Get to the root of the SD if you want to use this application (not included in the ROM) I have also a Lite version of the ROM with the same features of the PRO version but without installed emus and "cleaner." Download links: links corrected then upload v1

Skelrom PRO: 20v1% 20Pro.rar

Skelrom v1 LITE: http://dl.dropbox .com/u/69559458/Ske...0v1% 20LITE.rar

Soon put more mirrors.

I want to thank everyone who made ​​contributions in relation to this console and particularly to bitrider Deen0X and its testing and information to improve ROM. Any problems and suggestions comment in the forums.


  1. Can someone do a youtube tutorial on implementing this new ROM for the S601, please.
    (Do you have to have the latest native firmware before this is installed?).

  2. Hello, I'm quite new to android and I was wondering if this rom would be compatible with my JXD S18 tablet version 01? Because I have been looking for a custom rom for my JXD S18, and sad to say that can't find any. I find using the S18 with the jxd provided firmware a hassle as the battery drains very fast. I'm looking for 3 or 3.5 hours (minimum) to 4-4.5 or even 5 hours (maximum). And since the S601 is very similar to the S18 in terms of specs, perhaps i can use this rom as a base for me to modify into something for the s18, or even use it directly on my s18. Any ideas?

    Thanks & Regards,