Friday, December 4, 2009

Desperate times call for cheap publicity stunts: A free Dingoo from Dingoo-Scene – if you are Mr Stephen Fry

In July - too long ago - I wrote this chest thumping call to arms for Dingoo lovers everywhere. 

In it, I declared that:

  1. unless we all made an effort to lift the Dingoo’s profile, it would die the Slow Tortured Death of GTZ (Gizmondo Tapwave Zodiac); and
  2. as no one on this planet is more than 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, it was inevitable that surely one of us must be linked to someone famous, who can be convinced to spruik the Dingoo, thus saving all our lazy bottoms.

Sadly, the urgency which imbued my post is today, not less diminished. Here we are, 6 months on, and absolutely no one of any celebrity, minor, scandalous, self promoting, or otherwise, has emerged to promote the cause of this little machine that could.

It is clear that more drastic action is required.

Like bribery.

I’ve made an executive decision that the subject of our bribery will be Mr Stephen Fry, actor, man-about town, raconteur and tech lover.

Why you Mr Fry? Well, your blog indicates you know your tech, and I suspect you might be just the sort of guy who would appreciate something like the Dingoo.

This is the deal: if you will post something on your blog to the effect that you know what a Dingoo is, are intrigued by it, and would like one, Dingoo-Scene will personally send you an A320, via DealExtreme.

Apart from the blog post, we ask beg, Mr Fry, for only one other thing: when you receive it, please take a picture of yourself holding your Dingoo with a goofy caption and sign it, for us to publish here.

As for the rest of you indolent unconnected recalcitrants dear readers, free Dingoos are worth exactly $82.80, so I’m handing the hat around.  Would be contributors to this noble cause don’t actually have to send me any money – yet. Just comment below (not anonymously, please) or email me, with a pledge if you would be prepared to contribute to making Mr Fry’s Christmas that much merrier. If Mr Fry never replies, you’ll never have to cough up! In fact, even if he does, it won’t matter, because Stephen – can I call you Stephen? - whether I actually get 1c or $82.80, the offer’s good, for however long you might choose to take before accepting (which might, I appreciate, take twice as long as however long you might take to actually hear about this in the first place), if you feel so inclined.


  1. Dude, you are a GENIUS.

    It would be like we all bought him one for Christmas!
    (He's probably been good, I don't want to look too deeply into that.)

    I'll donate 20 to the cause.

    (Now someone drop this link over at Engadget or Gizmodo.)

  2. not too sure if the dingoo would diee a slow death (hey i have one, and i gave one to my brother and 2 more to friends this christmas hehehe), i think its pretty active at least for now...

    but still i think its a nice idea and i do love mr fry (in a manly kind of way, not that manly, dammit! hahahaha), he is awesome, so yeah, put me up for 7.80bucks to the pool so you get a nice 75 and other people can just send 5 or 10bucks ^_^.oO(when its time you can reach me on the site on my name)

  3. Wow! If he could just make another appearance as Dr./Chef Gordon Wyatt on Bones and be interrupted whilst playing the Dingoo each time Booth and/or Brennan show up.

    I'm in for $2.80.

  4. Dammit! Late by one minute. Put me in for another $2.20 to keep it even.

    Should have posted Anonymously to save time.

  5. I would *definitely* give a tenner for Mr Fry's Dingoosity!

  6. Great work all, keep'em coming. Should this dream come true, maybe he can do a cameo on House and pit his Dingoo against Hugh Laurie's GBA SP/NDS/handheld of the season.

  7. I think celebrities get these pormotional requests by the ton every day of their lifes.
    Nevertheless, good luck!

  8. give one to billgates insted^^

  9. twitter him gogogo

  10. The dingoo is availablewidely on ebay. THat attracts a massive audience WORLDWIDE. I dont think there is a problem here. Plus there are Youtube vids ... same audeince is big for that. Those who search will find.

  11. I can't honestly see Stephen Fry endorsing a product who's primary purpose is to play pirated ROMs.

  12. i pledge $10 towards stephen frys dingoo a320.