Monday, December 14, 2009

Dmenu 0.6 for Dingux released

SavedLinuXgeeK brings news of a new Dmenu release:

Hey everyone,
   Dmenu has reached that point again where another release is ready for the public.  In this the release a lot of work has happened internally to make the code base more stable, and to prepare it for upcoming changes.  And as opposed to the last release, this release should not require any changes on the user's part, apart from dropping in the new files. So without further ado, the changelist:


- Various bug fixes
- Added ability to use global resources in themes. 
    If you prefix a path in a theme with 'global:' it will pick up
    the file from the "resources" directory.  This allows for the sharing of
    fonts, sounds, images, etc.  Hopefully this will reduce the overall
    disk footprint of the menu.  Not sure, but the menu may also run
    better if multiple code points are using the same resource on disk
    instead of copies of the same resource.  An example from default/theme.cfg:
        Font = "global:FreeSans.ttf"
- Ensuring the menu will work when filesystem is read only.
    Performance will degrade in some cases, but the menu should function
    in the same way it has before.  Just maybe a little bit slower.
- Memory Leak resolved in colorpicker
- Show/Take snapshot of menu on exit/load. 
    This allows for the menu to show something while it is setting up.
- Theme Selection now uses the image selection tool. 
    The theme selector will look for a 'theme.png' in the root of all valid
    theme folders (themes where theme.cfg exists).  If a theme preview
    is not found, it will use the 'notfound.png' in the resources folder.
- UI enhancements to the main menu
    We now apply alpha blending to the menu items based on their distance
    from the active item.  If the submenu is open, then another layer
    of blending is applied to the horizontal menu, as well as the
    submenu's parent.  The goal with this was to help indicate which
    parts of the menu are active, and which aren't. 
- Set foundation for UI animations
- Replaced sound OSD format of icon and percantage to just an icon. 
    The icon now shows the level of sound visually in lieu of a
- UI will now autodim after a period of N seconds.
    The default for N is 5, but is configurable in the dmenu.ini file under
    they key DimmerDelay.  The value for DimmerDelay is an integer which represents
    seconds.  If DimmerDelay is set to 0, then the dimming will not occur.
- Enabled themes to define padding between icon and text, when the text is right
  of the icon.
    This does not apply to the horizontal items, but the vertical menu items.  The
    key to set in the theme.cfg is ItemTextPadLeft and the value is an integer which
    represents the left padding of the text, in pixels.

So please feel free to download and enjoy. You can get download the files from  To install just upack the archive at the root of your SD card (where the local/dmenu folder starts).  Thanks.
The dmenu team

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  1. Very Nice !

    The only thing i'm missing is a PROPER
    0.33 pack! where's toddler ?

    The latest pack made was incomplete(no icons).

    Can someone please make a COMPLETE new pack?

  2. noooes , toddler have gone underground , anyone else up for the task to make a repack in his footsteps ?

  3. Yes that would be very nice!.