Thursday, December 10, 2009

C-Dogs SDL for Dingux

Arr … Shin-NIL has released a new game:

Hello everybody.
Here is a initial release of C-Dogs SDL for Dingoo:
Source code:,0,0,0,46,229
Known Issues / TODO List

  • This version only can be played by 1 player;
  • Need to translate PC keys names to Dingoo buttons names;
  • Setting resolution greater than 320 X 240 will crash the system;
  • Setting video scale factor greater than 1 will crash the system;
  • Shutting down Dingux improperly (not using poweroff command) will corrupt the savedata and display segmentation fault when exit the game. Deleting directory /local/home/.cdogs will correct this;
  • The game is not at fullspeed yet.

Thanks to D_Skywalk, darfgarf and vimrc.

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  1. Wow! A brazilian coder releases a great gamer! Thanks, Shin-Nil!