Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality Bites (It really does!) - On to Plan B

Well, Mr Fry might appear at first glance to be terribly rude.  I’m sure he’s just terribly busy, and gets thousands of “Spruik me! Spruik me!” requests every day. So much so in fact that the small print on his Blog shows that he really has his act together on public contact:


The management for Stephen receives many enquires and requests. In all instances you must contact only once. Replicating your request across various contacts creates confusion.

In order to ensure you contact the correct person. Please follow the list below carefully.

Professional engagement of Stephen Fry

Hamilton Hodell Limited
Fifth Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London W1W 8SR
Telephone: +44(0)20 7636 1221
iPhone/Blackberry/Android friendly: +442076361221
info AT hamiltonhodell DOT co DOT uk

Press requests of Stephen Fry or SamFry Limited

Members of the professional press seeking to to interview Stephen should contact Hamilton Hodell Limited using the details provided above.

Press enquiries relating to the business SamFry Limited and UnTied Artists Network should make that enquiry to Andrew Sampson

andrew AT samfrylimited DOT com

Please ensure you address your email to Andrew as unaddressed email will be deleted.

Stephen does not have personal publicity management.

Twitter requests of Stephen Fry

WARNING: When Stephen tweets a URL to a given website, up to 500,000 people will attempt to visit that website within one hour. Very few websites can manage that intense traffic. If you wish to asked Stephen to Tweet about a charity or special event which points to your/a website, it must be able to capable of taking 600+ calls per second to the website’s server in order to be able to stay live once Stephen’s Tweeted. Please check with your website server provider. Many providers will simply say “Yes it is”. You must double check with a technician for your website.

There are three waves of capacity within that hour with the 2nd wave of retweeting generally as strong as the first original Tweet.

Requests for Tweeting must be made through the professional agent contact details above.

Emails or phone call requests for paid or product Tweeting will be ignored.


Stephen supports many charities and requests for support. If you wish to make a request please contact Hamilton Hodell Limited using the details provided above.

Fan Mail & personal letters

Stephen cannot be contacted by email personally. Please address mail in the following manner.

Mr Stephen Fry
c/o Hamilton Hodell Limited
Fifth Floor
66-68 Margaret Street
London W1W 8SR

Fan email cannot answered but very much welcomes your participation on this website through Stephen’s Twitter feed, forum and blog.

Wow, no random emails, no contact to which you can reasonably expect an answer unless you’re press or charity, no product tweeting (which unfortunately, this campaign will be construed) – all that’s left is snail mail! Talk about pushing fertiliser up a steeply graded incline! It’s all quite disheartening really, added to which I read this on his blog:

Over the past few months I have bought and been sent some of the latest, loveliest and lousiest arrivals in the world of smartphonery, iPoddery and assorted digital devicement.

So, pestering him has been done, and we’re not the first; in fact, we’re among, by the looks of it, the slowest to have this idea. 

Are we to be so easily thwarted? No, say I! 

When faced with the impenetrable silence of Dingoo Digital Shenzen, did Booboo slink away and cry: “Linux on that glorified MP3 player? Meh!”?

When naysayers declared that PSP emulation was impossible, did Ulrich go: “Well that’s it then, 2D for me, all the way!”?

No, we shall not be cowed by Stephen’s management, or begrudge him the walls he must have to face life as a celebrity! We keep alive our fantastical vision that behind the wall of Hamilton Hodell Limited lies a curious gadget lover like, well, you and me, who only needs to get his hands on one of these, to succumb to its charms. 

This is what I’ll do then:

  • Pledges remain open until 26 December 2009!
  • Come 26 December, I’ll make up whatever difference in dollars there is, and order his Dingoo!
  • All who pledge will get an official, Dingoo-Scene once in a lifetime, never to be repeated collector’s item “I chipped in for Mr Fry’s Dingoo” Certificate … ah … emailed to them in PDF.

I have to say that, even after all that, it not improbably that our Dingoo is going to get lost among the hundreds and thousands of other gadgets that find their way to him. But you miss 100% of the shots you never take, right? Is that really the sort of Dingoo user you want to be?


  1. shouldn't you like send the dingoo to yourself and put all the nice stuff inside and maybe add dingux and such and then... send it to him?

    cause i think it would reach him the easiest if it came from a personal address and not a random hong kong post office as well as its kinda a bit plain at first, so having it all pimped out (he is a busy guy) would make the best impression...

  2. @fiend: yes, great idea, and that was the plan! Suggestions taken as to what sort of wrapping paper would work best:)!

  3. I agree on that.

    Send him the Dingoo in full glory.

    But on the other hand, maybe he'd like the experience of installing Dingux...or maybe not...

    Anyway, good luck.

  4. Hi,

    I've read your blog entry above and it is not clear what you are attempting to contact us about.

    The walls are not impenetrable, we see all correspondence.

    Please use my email address. It is available within the contact us pages you've so spendidly criticised.


    Andrew Sampson

  5. @Andrew Sampson: Hi Andrew, Thank you for your response. We here at Dingoo-Scene would like to send Mr Fry a Dingoo, in the hopes that if he likes it, he might want to write about it. I'll email you separately. Our faith is restored! Rgds Larry

  6. Ummmm, who the f*ck is Stephen Fry? Seriously, I'm not joking. Should I know this person? Oh well, apparently he is quite important. I suppose maybe among the internet he is a "celebrity" lol.

  7. Turn it off because someone doesn't know who Stephen Fry is? I'm just asking why people are so in love with him since I haven't even heard of him.

  8. Do you also get thirsty while swimming?

    If you don't know how to look up information while you are sitting on the sum total of mankind's knowledge then all I can say is best of luck to you.

    Yes, in this case the very registration process might act as a kind of filter, or so one might dare to hope.

  9. It's cute. You are so offended by someone not knowing a semi famous celebrity. You must really love the man. I don't need to look him up as he is obviously neither important or interested in supporting the Dingoo. Fanboy.

    You are assuming that every person who regiesters might be some ridiculous nerd who is obsessed with Stephen Fry. I could easily register and...wait for it...keep waiting...not know who the hell Stephen Fry is still. Amazing crime against humanity I know. But true.

  10. Stephen Fry would write a cheap article about the illegality of emulation and get a movement started against it. This type of stuff is a good niche scene. Mainstream it and it will get heavies against it.