2GB 1000mAH battery UNFLASHABLE Dingoo emerges

Don’t panic, but the title says it all – thanks shred.  Check out this forum for more on this:



  1. People please, don't even bother buying this piece of shit unit. You can't even flash it. Whats the point. They cutting even more corners so they can sqweeze out more money out of us. So people stay away from this unit. Buy your self a regular dingooo and ur good to go.

  2. Looks like error screen on several chineese mp3-players
    May be following link will be useful - http://www.mp4nation.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16299

  3. More and more people are experiencing this problem. Not only dingoos bought on ebay but also on extremejeux (some kind of european dealextreme). The consoles were bought in november 2009 (the one on extremejeux) and devember 2009 (the ebay one).

  4. I want to buy a dingoo to install dingux. Where can I buy one and be sure that is compatible with digux? In DealExtreme?

  5. Let me share my assumptions about this stuff

    1. It's a fake. Some chinese "plant" decided to produce a Dingoo, but forgot to "steal a design completely". And it's a side-effect.
    2. The bundle of controllers (those china chip) are defect or wrong. They don't let to flash themselves.
    3. That's a conspiracy of creator =). That's the most strange and weird situation. They are protecting from "piracy" ?? Native firmware is a set of "not-so-legally-got" emulators, derived from opensource with closed source code! And creating this will destroy the scene on dingoo immediately... On the other hand, some dingoo representatives stated, that they are pleased with situation about dingoo...

    Anywaty, that' totally WEIRD.

  6. They are not fake. These are more likely to be Chinese Retail Dingoos which are supposed to be sold in China only and are of an inferior quality. Somehow these 2gb Dingoos slipped through the net and ended up on Ebay.

    The rest of the world enjoy the export quality Dingoos which are 4gb with 1700/1800 mAh batteries.
    Justin from Dingoo Digital USA and Jenny from Dingoo888.co.uk can confirm these Chinese Retail / Export quality Dingoos.

  7. My first dingoo was like this, I had blue and red unauthorised messages. I returned it to gbax and they sent another. This was around about the start of October. I've hardly done anything with the new one. The dodgy first one left a sour taste and I can't be bothered with them any more.

  8. but the error message states "chinachip"... chinachip is a brand of processor used in loads of chinese mp3 players. the real dingoo runs on an ingenic processor doesnt it?

  9. Conclusions from the french dingoo mania forum:

    - pawed Dingoos are now for the China market. 2gb memory, less battery power, and somehow unflashable
    - Unpawed Dingoos are for the export market. They are marked "A320 made in China".

  10. As for me, I really doubt about this "export" variant. I don't think, that Dingoo so powerful to support 2 different production modes. Also the descision to fill internal market with "weird" dingoos is not so smart. Well, anyway, it's a kind of bootleg. And we need some statistics data about new dingoo purchased (pawed/non-pawed,flashable/not flashable)).

  11. Looks like this is a guide to unbrick these unflashable Dingoo.


    Translate it with Google.

  12. I can't copy/paste so I had to type manually the link. It's so annoying.

    This should work then:

    (link tested, works perfectly)

  13. @GRM RetroWebserver

    Speak to the resellers such as Dingoo Digital USA. They are in direct contact with Dingoo Digital in China themselves. They will tell you that Chinese Dingoos and Export Dingoos DO in fact exist.

    These are not "fake" or "bootleg" Dingoos, just merely Chinese Dingoos intended for the Chinese market.

  14. try this :

    haven't tested but that was what's somebody used on the page posted above, and got it working again. it's all in chinese but it's just like the other flashers, except this one could be newer newer perhaps, worth a try...

  15. I got one of these stupid 2gb dingoos off Ebay, but the thing about it is, the seller SAID in the auction that it was 4gb! It even said on the box that it was 4gb. It bricked after maybe six hours of use and if this guy doesn't refund me, or send me a 4gb replacement I'm going to take whatever action I can to make sure he goes out of business.

  16. @mattsbar:

    If you paid through paypal, just open a dispute with them. That will actually freeze his account (he won't be able to withdraw any money) ;)

  17. hi
    I am lost hear .
    Can I or can't I flash the DealExtreme Dingoo ?


    I want to buy it and use it as a controller (using the uart and the I2 ports)

    thanks for the answer

  18. here's the deal, ONLY BUY FROM DEALEXTREME!

    Ebay has nothing but knockoffs & everyone else BOUGHT a knockoff & are trying to unload it.

    It took forever for me to receive my Dingoo from there, but it was the real deal and it works great. I flashed mine with no problem.

  19. hello, someone who has this version of 2 gb could send me the emulators natives? My email is vinnyzin_henrique@hotmail.com, thanks!

  20. "Ebay has nothing but knockoffs & everyone else BOUGHT a knockoff & are trying to unload it."

    Bullshit. Bought a Dingoo from the bay in November 09 because Dealextreme never could deliver them, came faster than anything DX ever delivered and was of course the genuine, 4GB version. You are just trying to push

  21. Don't bother buying a dingoo. Go for a JXD instead, as they've got android with touchscreen, more powerful hardware, and are easier to get without getting ripped off by some guy named Jason.


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