Friday, December 4, 2009

Dingux SNES9x – Game FAQ read function enabled

Thanks to Elta for this Dingoonity post:

Hello people Smiley
One thing I liked from the native OS emulators is the possibility to read the game FAQ from within the emulator.
I travel a lot by train and I wanted to play some SNES RPGs, but taking a printed copy of the FAQ with me isn't the most convenient solution.  Wink
So I decided to modify snes9x to add the FAQ viewer functionality.
I'm publishing the source code here because the code can easily be reused for any emulator.
The archive also contains a precompiled modified version of snes9x.
The viewer is rather simple for now, and will only work with ASCII files.
Also all tab characters are replaced by a single space.
To use it, simply put a text file with the same name as your ROM and with extension '.txt' in the same folder.
For example if you load '' the viewer will try to load 'Chrono_Trigger.txt'
Then you can select 'View FAQ' from the Select + B menu.
D-Pad: Move around
A Button: Hold it and use the D-Pad to move page by page
Y Button: Change Font
B Button: Exit
(see faqviewer.txt for more technical details)
Link: (Mediafire)


  1. Are you the original owner of the source code?

  2. Having the ability to do something like this is outstanding.

    Well done!