Friday, June 29, 2012

Brian visits the Yinlips Factory; stumbles upon mystery 7” device …


Thanks to Typodermic’s cousin, Brian (don’t ask!), we now have a first hand account of where all that Yinlips goodness is made! Head on over to Brian Barrett’s blog here for his full impressions of Yinlips’ factory and showroom:

Foxconn it ain’t, but it appears somewhat larger than the Dingoo factory we uncovered in ‘09! Just like the devices they make, factories in China grow in size and features every 6 days, and cost 95% less to run!

Here are some choice extracts from Brian’s article to wet your interest:


The Yinlips factory is located in a high tech park in NanShan district of Shenzhen. My taxi had quite a bit of trouble locating the factory, but I’ve come up with a system for helping them out. Taxi drivers here don’t seem to try and extract information from you since they know you don’t speak Mandarin. If I see a taxi driver a bit confused, I just call the place in question and hand him the phone. This has proved successful the 3 times I’ve tried it. I would recommend anyone traveling in Asia without a guide subscribe to cellular service with internet. It has been a real life saver many times.

Upon arriving at the factory I was greeted by Yolanda, a very lovely yinlips employee ...

Before leaving I noticed a 7″ demo unit of a new games player in the display room. Yolanda told me it is a new model due to come out in a few weeks! I’m told the specs are similar to the YDGP18A but with a redesigned case and larger screen.

I would say it looks similar to the JXDS7100, but with shoulder buttons and a much smoother case.

Could this mysterious 7” demo unit be the enigmatic BiTT Gametablet?
Has Brian uncovered the source of this promising tablet?

And more importantly, can Brian post some pictures of Yolanda?

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