Friday, June 1, 2012

New Yinlips official firmware for YDPG18A Resistive and Capacitive Screens, and YDPG16


Check them out here -

And report back as to how well they make your Yinlips sing, please!


  1. After flashing correctly determined the size of the screen. Because of this, it is impossible to calibrate the touch-screen.

  2. Hi,

    I bought the Yinlips YDPG18A.

    The unit was very fast, and very responsive, but the keypad bug which refuses to map the keys in other software than the built in annoyed me to the point that i sold it.

    I was even interested in bringing in the unit for distribution in Sweden, but i saw a lot of upcoming problem from powerusers so i dropped the thought.

    The speed of emulation is great, even though the N64 has serveral graphical bugs, it ran smooth as icecream. A big annoyment for me that is not chinese was that it was a load of chinese language in it which could'nt be changed. It did NOT have the Android market for some reason when i got mine.
    The keymaps in built in emulation worked flawless, and with the firmware it came with they worked on all emulators which made me very inpressed with UAE4droid (AMIGA 500 EMULATION) which ran at excessive speed on the games i tested it with.
    After firmware update it was totally in english, and Android market is there! :)
    Good Screen indoors... very clear, big and responsive!

    There was a big annoying sound lag, and i read some and did the firmware upgrade.
    There was a lot of chinese in it before i updated with the latest firmware
    It did not have android market which is just plain stupid concidering its an android unit.
    After firmware updates, the keymappings in UAE4DROID and other emulators did NOT work, that resulted in some kind of hybrid gaming because the start and select button CAN be mapped, but they are not ideal for firing the guns in a shoot 'em up... Look at the video above and hear the harsch clicking when i fire.
    The screen is totally unusable outdoors in daylight.. it looks like it's gone black although it's working.. i guess the backlight is too weak or something....

  3. Flashed YDPG16 with the new firmware, after rebooting the detection of the size of the screen is wrong and it's impossible to calibrate the screen. A firmware upgrade totally useless. Do they try upgrades before uploading?

  4. I got the same problem after upgrading the ydpg16, was stuck on calibrating screen. did anybody else fix there's it left mine useless.
    if somebody has a backup of the original firmware I would appreciate a copy.