Gamelinbox is out in the wild!

Finally, the cheap and cheerful Gamebox

… looks like it might be living up to its promised glory:

Here’s how to get Gamelinbox going:


Available GameLinBox: Linux Console "GameBox"
BETA II Rise of GameLinBox to "Google Drive".
These are the files to download: - The text file with the help - The contents of the MiniSD - GameLinBox In this beta, these are the bugs fixed: -Added support network virtual to run games like Quakux (Port of Quake) -Fixed access to folders reviews of Linux, that made ​​some games not find the settings. -Fixed bugs in the main menu (gmenu2X of MTorromeo) that prevented games with shine on, run. -Fixed bugs in access to folders in Linux and SD from the file browser. Fixed crash-power from the external connector. Now, it is necessary to use USB to play. still pending failure Button "C", which as you find out, I remapped the lever "UP" analog, some games that you ask, for example, to validate or leave the menu. There are still to ZOOM 4x to get 320x240 resolution full screen. It is an issue, I'm trying to fix with some Russians who have a similar problem in one of their consoles, the Ritmix RZX50. The remaining faults are things the operating system, and are easy to fix a Linux professional, but to me, I come from "large" for now.

Thanks to ruffnutts for the story!


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