Willgoo Dingoo-Scene Group Offer!

Our very good friends at willgoo.com are offering Dingoo-scene users a discount of 7% off all products on their site until 30 June 2012!

Simply create an account on Willgoo, and identify that you are from “Dingoo-Scene” when creating the account. Willgoo will allocate you to their dingoo-scene group, and you’ll get  the discount after that.


  1. We had created "Group: Dingoo-Scene" for every body who visit from dingoo-scene. Simply register an account on Willgoo and email us your register name and tell us your are from “Dingoo-Scene”. We will allocate you to the dingoo-scene group. You will get 7% discount while ordering any things on Willgoo after that!


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