Thursday, March 29, 2012

JXD releases JXD S7100B …

… and ironically, the B doesn’t stand for bluetooth!

The latest Android retro handheld JXD S7100B- JXD S7100 upgraded version, more powerful. This new retro console tablet lacks of Bluetooth function. Other functions and features are totally the same with JXD S7100. The first round of production for this product has its limited quantity. We suggest customers place your orders as soon as you can. We will send out those orders which were placed earlier. For these orders, we will send out  one FREE Pouch Bag for JXD S7100B as a small gifts.

  • CPU:  Amlogic M3, 3D graphics acceleration hardware GPU, 512MB DDR3
  • RAM: 512M DDR3
  • Screen: 7" 800x480 touch screen,  Touch + professional game buttons, two operating modes
  • System:  Google Android OS 2.3.4
  • Conectivity: WiFi 802.11g/g/n
  • Simulator Games:Perfect support Arcade games, Nintendo 64 bits 3D games, Sony PS1 games, Nintendo GBA games, Sega MD games
  • Camera: Dual Camera (Front: 0.3M pixels, Back: 2.0M pixels)
  • On line function: Support Email, MSN, Facebook and Skype etc
  • On line video: Support Youtube, TED mobile, BBC news etc
  • Application: Support 10,000 application and software free download, such as Office software and study tools
  • TV out: HIMI output
  • Ebook: PDF, TXT, CHM, UMD and HTML etc
  • G-sensor
  • Picture: JPG, BMP, PNG etc, Picture browsing and slid playing
  • Speaker: support
  • size: 238.5x121.7x12.35mm
  • USB2.0 high speed
  • earphone
  • No Bluetooth

Yours for a mere $165.99 from; see this link!


  1. Wouldn't it make more sense to talk about why this is better, instead of talking about the lack of bluetooth. I guess its a better cpu? But no mention of MHZ?

    1. The better is that this device use Android 2.3 and can be flashed to Android 4.0 with the latest firmware from JXD. The cpu and MHZ are almost the same with S7100. Enough stocks for this device as JXD find other suppliers for the original sources. Price is lower but with a better experience on gaming.

  2. And is the Screen Capacitive or resistive?

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, without "L" "R" shoulder buttons like JXD S7100.

  4. Lol same device but with 2.3.4

  5. The S7100 uses the Amlogic M1, the S7100B uses the Amlogic M3 if these stats are correct.

  6. Its an Cortex A9 1.2ghz with the same GPU, all in all not much more powerful than an Xperia Play which is better optimised and has all the controller buttons and bluetooth, sure its not 7" but until the specs on these chinese machines hit dual core 1.2ghz+ for me theres no point upgrading just yet.

  7. Think you may find the statement of 1.2ghz misleading as thats probably the speed including the mali gpu clockspeed. I have the s7100 and i assure you the advertised 1.2 dual core is actually only 800mhz plus 200mhz DSP and mali gpu at 250mhz. Its a great tablet but JXD are pretty pathetic if they leave our s7100 with no updates!!!