Thursday, March 15, 2012

abhoriel overclocks his JXD s601

Oh joyful days – the JXD s601 has been succesfully overclocked from its stock 600mhz to 1 ghz by abhoriel (fantastic work, abhoriel!!!):

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my s601 has arrived and I have hacked the kernel from the most recent update so that it can be overclocked.
I have made 3 kernels, which allow OC up to different frequencies, 800MHz, 900MHz and 1GHz. If you wish to test these kernels, I recommend testing the 800MHz one first, and then the 900MHz and finally the 1GHz one if you have no problems. This is because while all 3 kernels seem to run fine on my device, and yield great performance improvements, every chip is different. some chips can OC more than others. some fry more easily than others. I'm being particularly cautious because I don't really know why JXD refuse to release a kernel that can overclock.
If you want to test them then:
To flash the kernels, you will need to use adb, as used in SNESFAN's instructions for removing the programs that come with the device. You will need to push a program a called flash_image to the device, which will be used to flash the kernel images.
WARNING: I release these under no warranty, I'm not liable for any destruction of your device or whatever. These have not been thoroughly tested (the original kernel image file I have included has never been flashed, but I included it for completeness). Use at your own risk!!
Make sure that you are using the newest firmware release from JXD (I got mine from
Also make sure that you have rooted your device.
Plug s601 into the computer by USB cable. make sure that usb debugging mode is enabled. Extract the zip.
Administer the following commands:


push flash_image and the new kernel of your choice to the sdcard:
$ adb push flash_image /sdcard/
$ adb push kernel800.img /sdcard/
open a shell:
$ adb shell
become superuser:
$ su
install flash_image program
# cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin
flash the image
# flash_image boot /sdcard/kernel800.img
# reboot

Download here:
$ md5sum
$ sha1sum
Please let me know how it goes and if you have any problems / instability. Also, any info on battery life would be great.
The patching itself was simple, I just changed the "max" value from the a9_clk structure. This value is set to 600000000Hz (600MHz) by default. Once this is increased, the cpu governor is free to increase the clock beyond 600MHz as demand requires.
Also, while you can run setcpu to see the frequency, if you adjust anything it just gets confused. on my device it caps the frequency at 526MHz or something for no reason. The next thing I plan to do is create a setcpu profile for the s601 :)
Have fun
Don't blame me if your s601 explodes
EDIT: I will include instructions on how to hack the kernel later if people want them.


  1. jxd s7100 not overclocking ?

  2. adb: not found.

    Did I do anything wrong? I wanted to enter the first command but it comes always that out.